1. Nemanja Zdravkovic
    Nemanja Zdravkovic
    President / CEO / Founder
  2. Marko Simic
    Marko Simic
    President / CEO / Founder
  3. Uros Sovlajnski
    Uros Sovlajnski
    video editor - special effects
  4. Igor Ursic
    Igor Ursic
  5. Bojan Vasiljevic
    Bojan Vasiljevic
    Photographer/ Photo editor
  6. Bojan Micic
    Bojan Micic
  7. Zivojin Stolic
    Zivojin Stolic
    Videographer/ Video editor
Reunion Pixels is a group of professional photographers, filmmakers, video editors and artists whose trade is storytelling. We believe that your life is history in the making. It’s our passion to capture the laughter, tears and beauty of this moment, so your story can be told and retold for generations to come.